Monday, February 6, 2012

It's a BOY!!!!!!!

I was so stoked when we found out that our baby is a boy! We're going to name him Urijah Douglas Briggs unless he comes out and the name doesn't fit. He's strong though. he kicks and punches kenna's insides pretty hard. I've been able to feel his head poking out too!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year 2011-12

For New Year's eve we spend the evening with Kristin & Wil and their kids. Kristin made chinese which was awesome because I'd been wanting fried rice for awhile. We played games and ate goodies and attempted to watch I Am Number 4 on Bluray but their Bluray player was being lame so we watched a no HD version which was quite terrible because the picture was so poor. It's funny how you can get so used to the crystal clear picture of 1080p or 1080 i and when you see something in a lower resolution that you just say "This is crap! How did people live without High Definition?" It was a good way to ring in the new year anyway. Let's hope the coming year is good to us. :)

Our 1st Chrismas!

So For Christmas we went up to WY to visit the family. We drove up in the Morning on Christmas Eve and spent time here and there while we were finishing up getting all of the presents gathered since I had Kenna's shipped there to keep her from snooping around. (She's not very good with waiting or being patient a lot of the time) That night we had a big dinner with Kenna's family and watched movies and snacked on goodies. On Christmas, after church we opened presents with Kenna's family and then headed to spend time with my family in the evening. where we opened presents for the baby, which were little girl clothes(which got them even more on the poop list) and a little critter collection book(sweet read). We had fun talking and Kenna ate prime rib with my family but i was still stuffed from one of my rib feasting sessions(yes we had ribs on Christmas!). On Boxing Day I got to go Chuckar Hunting With Kenny and Mitchel! It was  blast! We got 12 birds with a bonus pheasant that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was especially happy because I've wanted to go hunting for awhile and haven't shot a gun until then since i had come home from the mish.That night we went over to my parent's place and were just going to get some meat and drive home but we got to chatting and then played a game called BANG! which was really fun and by that time i really didn't feel like driving to Utah so we just stayed the night and drove back in the morning so i could go back to work.(lame) Every time we go up there i have so much fun that i really don't want to come back and get back to life.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Well this week we went up to WY for Thanksgiving. We had a really good time mingling with family and eating non stop. It is always nice to spend time up there. Kenna thinks it's too cold but i guess she married the person that will get her out of her comfort zone and help her to obtain patience. It was too bad I had to come back for work today otherwise i would have been able to go hunting chuckar with my father in-law (Kenny) and Mitchel. Hopefully Christmas comes soon so we can do it all over again. It would be really nice if I had some more time off then so we could spend more time with our peeps.